For someone who likes to wax eloquent (or ramble as some of my closest friend would say!), what could be better than a blog?  I love to write, think way too much, and have opinions about everything! I sincerely hope that the thoughts and ideas I share here are meaningful to you, and that if even in just a small way, they might encourage you on this journey we call life.

In case you don’t know me, I am the Pastor of Mt. Vernon Presbyterian Church, in Alexandria, VA. I arrived in June of 2013 and love life in the DC area. Previously I served as the Organizing Pastor of Stone House Presbyterian Church, in Toano, Virginia; Pastor and Head of Staff of First Presbyterian Church of the Covenant in Erie, PA; and Associate Pastor for Youth and Families at First Presbyterian Church in York, PA. I am proud to be part of the PC(USA), and committed to a progressive faith that is intellectually credible, Biblically based but not Biblically bound, laced with grace, and that always puts deed before creed.

I am married to a wonderful Dane, and we have three amazing children.  I love the beach, enjoy all types of music, and could talk about ‘church’ for hours.  Obviously, there’s more I could tell you, but for now, that’s enough.

Feel free to find me on Facebook, and there you can drop me a line if you’d like.  If you’re kind, I’ll write back.  Peace!

5 responses

25 10 2014
Virginia Hager

Checking out your Blog – it looks great! But you need to update your “About Page” — Thanks! [I am Betsy Lord’s sister.]

25 10 2014
Bob Melone

Thanks so much! Hope all is well.

11 02 2016
Sara Feldman

Bob, so well written, and so similar to my to my own Catholic growing up. Almost made me laugh out loud remembering the day I was shown the door for asking too many questions at CCD. Would you be so kind to send me your email. I’m not on Facebook anymore. My daughter has just moved to Alexandria; Eric and I need to catch up with you. Thanks, Sara

11 02 2016
Bob Melone

Bmelone61@gmail.com – sorry!

11 02 2016
Bob Melone

Bmelone61@gmail.com – please drop me a line Sara!

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