GA – Day 2

1 07 2012

Yes, I DO have days when I don’t like my job!  There are times when the church frustrates the heck out of me – days when I think that the only thing that will ever change it, is its death!  But fortunately, those days are few and far between.  Most of the time, I love the Church . . . And today was definitely one of those days.  Worship at GA always does that for me.  It’s one of the few times when our denominational leaders don’t just SAY they want worship diversity, but they live it out.  Yes, we’re still stuck with prayers of confession rooted in old ways of understanding sin and forgiveness, and prayer is too often just talking to a God who we believe is all about responding to our pleas and requests, but most of the time, our denomination does worship well.  

Cynthia Bolbach, the outgoing Moderator, who’s been battling cancer since she was installed two years ago, was wheeled to the pulpit; and upon reading the story of the people cutting a hole in the roof of a home where Jesus was speaking, all in an attempt to allow a needy man to see Jesus, she reminded us that that was the goal of the church.  Our challenge, charge, and great joy, was and is to bring people into the presence of the Christ.  And during the closing hymn, as hundreds sang “God Bless your Church with Strength,” commissioners and advisory delegates were led to the meeting hall to consider how the PCS(USA) might best do that.  It was a moving experience, and I am humbled by all that lies ahead.  

So now, I just seek to be faithful.  I attempt to pursue that which my walk demands . . . that which our world so desperately needs . . . 

Faithfulness . . . It calls us to take risks . . . It demands from us strength 

                    . . . It yearns for our courage . . . It is bathed in God’s justice 

                     . . . It longs for our love . . . It is grounded in grace

                    . . . It should never be feared . . . It must not be delayed 





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