GA – Day 7

6 07 2012

We met until 10:30 last night, prayerfully discerning what we believe the Spirit to be saying and doing in the world today.  The most passionate debate centered around encouraging the Church to divest from three companies that some believed were contributing to Israeli mistreatment of the Palestineans in the occupied territories.   But in the end, because less than 1/10th of 1% of PC(USA) investments are held in this three companies, and because of concern over what the unintended consequences of such action might do to our relationship with our Jewish brothers and sisters, a committee minority report advocating more proactive involvement with Palestine was approved.  We decided upon “investment in Palestine” rather than “divestment in Israel.”

Debate was long, and tedious, but respectful and gracefilled.  My hope and prayer is that such a spirit will continue today as we hear and respond to the report of Committee 13 on Civil Union and Marriage Issues.

With regard to the defining of marriage — I was up all night, tossing and turning, wrestling with what needs to be said, and what needs to be done.  What does my one vote matter among 687 others?  Well, the motion to make the invesment motion I referenced above the main motion, passed by two votes.  If just one person had switched, the outcome would have been very different!  So every commissioner matters.  Every voice needs to be heard.  Every vote matters.

As my time here winds down, I remain so very proud to be Presbyterian.  At least at the national level, there is great hope for the church in the 21st century.  Whether we embrace what they’re doing at the presbytery and local level is another story.  But I remain confdient that change can and will continue to come.  I have been particularly impressed with our Young Adult Advisory Delegates.  The Church is full of bright, faithful, and committed young people, and that bodes well for our future.

Sorry I don’t have more to say, but this morning I am tired — emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  Keep us in your thoughts and prayers, and above all, know that whatever is decided today, WE ARE AND REMAIN ONE, in Christ Jesus.




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