Behind the Eyes

26 08 2012

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have been a fan of Amy Grant for more than 30 years!  Her music has always touched a place deep inside of me, and her thoughts and feelings have always profoundly resonated with my own.  That is particularly true of her CD “Behind the Eyes” — released in 1997, 20 years after her first album, and during one of the most difficult periods in her life.  Songs like “Somewhere down the Road” and “Cry a River” reflect a deep and brooding melancholy that I have to believe touches each one of us; and as I listened to Amy’s heart on my way into work this morning, I was reminded how often we never know what is going on . . . behind the eyes . . . of those we meet.

I’ve actually been thinking alot about this all summer!  For we live in a world where people are not really all that interested in those things that weight us down — those things that try our spirits and that test our souls.  Oh, perhaps they are for a while.  When we lose someone we love, friends show up for the funeral and support us as best they can.  And when we loose a job, or deal with an extended illness, or face any kind of major setback in our lives — those we love are there . . . for a while.

But then, days pass and time goes on.  The people we love — the people who love us — they move on!  After phoning with their condolences, mailing a note or  a card, or perhaps even sending over a cake to let us know we’re being remembered, they move on.  And not because they’re neglegent or inconsiderate; but simply because life takes them in other directions.  You see, others’ memories fade more quickly than our pain.

Let me say that again.  Other peoples’ memories, often fade more quickly than our pain!

Today, remember that!

Look deeply at the people that you meet . . . and consider not just what is going on in their life today, but what happened yesterday that is perhaps still weighing them down.  Listen for the unspoken words, and try to feel that hidden pain.  Because while it may not be obvious, chances are pretty good that there is still something that warrents a gentle touch, a warm embrace, a word of grace and compassion.

Today, in the people we meet, may we all seek to look . . . behind the eyes, and respond with grace and love.



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