Racists Called Out

13 08 2017


Look at that picture!  Look at it.  And weep!

48 hours after evil marched into Charlottesville, VA, can we please clear up a few things?

1) If we can’t condemn white supremacy because we think there’s bigotry “on many sides,” then . . . we might be racist.

2) If we can call religious extremists, radical Islamic terrorists, but can’t call the KKK, Neo-Nazis, or White Nationalists homegrown terrorists, then . . . we might be racist.

3) If we believe that anti-white crime in America has become more of an issue than anti-Black crime, then . . . we might be racist.

4) If we continue to think that acknowledging ‘Black Lives Matter’ somehow means that other lives don’t matter, then . . . we might be racist.

5) If we have come to the conclusion that Affirmative Action is nothing more than ‘reverse racism,’ thereby failing to see that racism is about social and structural power, and Blacks have none of that, then . . . we might be racist.

6) If we don’t understand that ‘law and order’ and ‘voter fraud’, are less about law and order and voter fraud, and more about keeping minorities on the margins of our society, then . . . we might be racist.

7) If we think that slavery ended more than 100 years ago and it’s time to ‘get over it’, then . . . we might be racist.

8) If we believe that the election of Barack Obama proves that race is no longer an issue in America, or that much of the hatred of Barack Obama was not about the color of his skin, then . . . we might be racist.

9) If we believe that God ordained America to be a white, Christian nation, then . . . we might be racist.

And 10) if you think I’m correct in saying that all these things mean we MIGHT be racist, and not that we ARE racist, then . . . you ARE racist!

Actually, in the final analysis, most of us white Americans are racist! We are part of a system that favors us in all kinds of ways, simply because of the color of our skin. We continue to benefit from living in a nation that has normalized our privilege, and legitimized others’ oppression. The traditional, ‘white’ narrative about racism – that it is nothing more than prejudice against people who look different from us – does not take into account how the institutionalization of such a worldview will eventually blind us to its injustice. And it is that blindness that is threatening to destroy our country today. It is nothing new, but it’s normalization, which has come at the hands of Donald Trump, should disturb all of us; for he, as well as many in his administration, have allowed what has existed in the shadows of American life, to once again move out into the light of day.

In response, pastors and leaders of various faith communities have begun espousing all of their sacred Scriptures, in an attempt to justify their opposition to America’s growing Alt-Right . . . as if challenging this societal evil somehow needs to be sanctioned from ‘on high!’ Others have been quick to proclaim that they believe all people are created and loved by God . . . as if such a belief proves that they are ‘wok’ to issues of race and color bias. (Did not the slave owner also believe that his enslaved housekeeper was also created by God? . . . yet created to care for him and meet his every need?!) And still others have done little more than shake their heads at and close their eyes to such discussions . . . hoping they will just go away, believing that because they don’t fly the Confederate flag or read Breitbart News, the battle is not theirs to fight.

Well it’s time for us in white America to wake up: and not just for religious reasons, for Godly reasons, or for personal reasons. Some things need to be addressed simply because they affect the very soul of a society. Some things are just wrong! And evil that is left unchecked, and injustice that is allowed to reign free, will in the end destroy all of us.

This is why people like me are going to continue to resist current American trends. We’re not going to be quiet, and we’re not going to stop challenging the direction of the current administration. We’re not trying to annoy you. We’re not sore losers. And we’re not anti-white, anti-Christian socialists trying to destroy the heart of America.

Rather, we are simply human beings who love other human beings: who believe that none of us succeed unless we all succeed, and that there can be no peace in the world without justice. We recognize that the world is NOT made up of many races and families, but that there is only one race – the human race; and there is only one family – the human family.

Yes, most of us in white America are racist. But we can change, and we can do better. However change can only come when we’re willing to acknowledge our broken past, engage in the hard work of transforming the societal and institutional sin that is paralyzing the present, and participate in the creation a future where differences are embraced and not feared, where diversity is seen as a blessing and not a curse, and where color is seen as that which brings beauty to the palate of our lives.

Racists are taught to be racists – consciously and unconsciously, subtly and overtly, intentionally and unintentionally.  But we can change.  We MUST change that . . . for our sake, and the sake of all our children.



One response

29 08 2017
Kay McLean

Racist Called Out-Thank you Bob. Well said. I wish I were articulate enough to have said all that. And the picture…it does make me weep. I find it incomprehensible.

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