Leadership Matters

1 06 2020

Today, America needs some leadership!  

As our world continues to address the the COVID-19 pandemic, and our nation struggles with the consequences of racism and White supremacy, the American people are longing for leadership.  Foreign policy issues may have a role in issues related to the coronavirus, and economic disparity may be one of the factors behind the race riots taking place in cities from New York, to Minneapolis, to Los Angeles; but today, America does not need a diplomat, nor a businessperson.  America needs a leader.  

Today, no one is thinking about the make-up of the Supreme Court. No one’s really interested the Stock Market or the Dow Jones.  And for week’s now, I haven’t heard any talk about abortion rights or America’s immigration problem.  

Today, these issues are all secondary; because American greatness is being overshadowed by anger and violence, rioting and looting, chaos and anarchy.  And why?  Because we do not have a leader.  America does not have a knowledgeable, informed, articulate, leader sitting in the White House; and anyone who has not felt the effects of that absence for the past 3 1/2 years, surely, is feeling it today!

Is the current state of affairs in America the fault of Donald Trump? 

Does it really matter?

Anyone worthy of the presidency should be able to offer the American people at least a modicum of hope in difficult days.  But Donald Trump is not a leader.  He never has been, and he never will be. 

So take note America! This is why character matters.  This is why integrity matters. This is why intelligence, wisdom, truthfulness, humility, kindness, and compassion matter.  We do not need a president who sits in a bunker in the White House, Tweeting away incendiary, divisive, and childish nonsense. We need a president who can lead. We need a president who can motive us to our better selves, and who can inspire us to continue to build a nation where “liberty and justice for all” is not just a nationalistic reelection slogan, but a goal to which we are all seeking to aspire. We need a president who reads, and who is continually seeking to learn, and grow, and who longs to be more than a mere figure-head who is blindly worshipped.

America needs a president who can lead; and who is seeking to lead all of us. So remember that in November. Leadership matters. And Donald Trump is not a leader. He is not the kind of president America deserves. And he is certainly not the kind president America needs . . . not today . . . not ever!



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2 06 2020

Well said Bob! So very very true My best to you and Jeanne Ann

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